is an informative site about Roxette for the South African Roxette fans... for the old fans... for the new and uninformed fans... and for you, whoever you may be.

Roxette South Africa is not the first website to live at this web address. Many have come and gone. THIS is only the latest reincarnation of an idea born from the love for one of the world's best pop acts. A pop act so loved by its fans that even after a 10 year absence, they are welcomed back fondly and with even greater admiration.

This site is not your every day run of the mill news, bio and discography site - but a creative and informative work all rolled into one. It should be enjoyed as well as educate. It's a continuous growing body of work just like the works of Roxette. It will evolve and expand. More sections will be added in the coming weeks. Content and ideas are also welcome, so, feel free to contribute by contacting myself. This is not MY website. It's OUR website.

See you soon in the frontrow, when we'll raise our lighters or sing NaNaNaNa's together.

Hanro Manefeldt
Webmaster & Roxette South Africa Creater